Friday, November 20, 2009

Final Look

This week it was time for the students to get a chance to see each others work. I put all the photos on a power point presentation and hooked up the projector so we could all see the great pictures. It was a lot of fun to hear the different students shout out “That ones mine!” It really showed how proud they were of their pictures and the work they were able to do on their own. Another of their remarks were to make sure that they all receive copies of their photographs printed out so that they can take them home and share them with their families. Since this was one of the main focuses, it definitely will happen. In fact the teacher of the yearbook, who has been kind enough to let us use his computers and classroom during his prep period, has volunteered the use of his printer for the photographs. He has also invited us back into his classroom so he can take photos of my students at work on the adobe photo shop. We are going in next Tuesday. We also have planned one more outing before winter break and the end of the semester. We are going to go to Candy Cane Lane in Pacific Grove to see all the lights and we will be bringing our cameras with us on the trip. It should make for some great shots but will be too late for the project for my MAE638 class. That is what is so wonderful about this particular project, it can and will continue on after this class is long over. My students will get the opportunity to adjust photos that they take on our field trips and we can make our own album to display for back to school and open house nights.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am not going to talk about my project this week as it is going very well and we are almost finished. Instead, I want to talk about my new toy. I just got an Iphone for my birthday. Since I have been fighting with a very old laptop for the past couple of years, and had such a frustrating time while on a conference, my husband bought me the phone. If you remember a previous blog about not being able to get online while at a conference, you can understand what I mean. This was not a one time event, but has become a common occurrence. The new Iphone is fantastic! I can access my email anytime, talk on the phone, text message show up on my screen without my even unlocking the keypad, and I can check out any website necessary. I haven't even checked out any of the applications that they have yet. It is a little tricky trying to open up items with just a touch but I am learning quickly. Now I will have to find out which applications I think I will use and the ones that would just be a waste of time. I also have to take the time to load up songs for the Ipod portion of the phone. Not really my favorite thing to do but always worth it after it is done. The pictures that can be sent via email are great too. I have had friends send me pictures before and they always are good quality. I can save them onto my computer easily too because it is in email form. It doesn’t cost me extra like it did if I emailed a picture from my old phone. I have unlimited time online with my plan. That means I no longer have to bring my old laptop on trips, but can access and read material right off my phone. Sorry to keep going on but it is such a wonderful concept to me.