Friday, December 4, 2009

Semester is almost Done

This semester has simply flown by. Only a couple of more weeks and we are done with the class. This also means that we have a lot to get done before that point. Tonight I will be giving my presentation. I have already typed up my other two papers so only have to do a final review before turning the reports. My students are done with their project too. They had a lot of fun with this project and have really enjoyed exploring what Adobe Photo Shop can do. It also taught them a valuable lesson this past week. They were being very loud in their talking, and asking questions. The Yearbook Advisor, was trying to get some of this work done during this time and asked the students to be quiet. They were for about two minutes and then started up again. I told them they had to shut down what they were doing and that we were leaving. We did this, and when we got back to our class I had a long, strong discussion on how to behave when we are visitors to someone else's classroom. They were all told to write apology letters to the advisor. They were also told to write thank you notes to him for letting us use the room. This was great writing practice for them as well as social skills lesson. I don't think they will be so rude in the future.