Friday, October 9, 2009

Computer Frustration!!!

Technology can be such a blessing until it doesn't work. Sent to a Lindamood - Bell workshop this past week was great. I learned new programs to help student tackle the job of reading, met a wonderful set of people, and truly became frustrated when my lap top refused to work. I knew I would have to come back to my room each evening and get to work on my computer while I was at the learning center. I double checked with the inn that I was to stay to make sure that they did have internet access. I was all set, or so I thought. Monday, after getting up at 4:30 leaving Salinas at 5:30 to arrive in San Luis Obispo in time for an eight hour session of "Seeing Stars", I am snuggled away in my cozy room. My laptop plugged in and on my lap. I begin to try to hook up to the internet system. My computer says it cannot do this without going on line to repair. I couldn't get on line without the repair so there I was, in a virtual circle unable to do my assignments, my emails, read my articles or any other online purpose. As they say the best laid plans... I was so frustrated and tired after the day I had I admit I just gave up and went to bed. Next night after another full day of learning, I decided since I couldn’t get online I would just go ahead and type up my blog, at least some of my report from the previous week’s reading, and work on a couple of IEPs. I would still be able to get a lot of my work done and just finish everything up on Friday night after my return to Salinas. That way until my power cord kept shorting out on my laptop. It shut off once while I was typing up and IEP and it destroyed my IEP program. Now I couldn’t even work on my IEPs. I could either cry or just pack it away. Although the thought of crying was tempting, I just packed away my notebooks and laptop and called it a night. So you wonder if Wednesday I tried again. No way, I finally decided to stop and just enjoy a night in San Luis Obispo with a nice group of women I had met at the workshop. It was relaxing. Thursday, I awoke with sinus headache. Set through the workshop and jumped into my car to head back to home. I truly felt cut off from my life without the use of the internet. Now I have to do double time to read the articles, write two essays, post my blog, and then play catch up with my emails from my job, school, and work. I want a new computer and I think next week that is what I will be looking to purchase.


  1. Hi Tari,
    Being a computer instructor I could not agree more with the statements you make about technology. When technology is up and running we are able to get alot done but, when it is down it negatively affects our whole day. It's unfortuante that your school has minimal resources on technology. On an upside you were able to attend a workshop that will have a positive impact on your students academic lives. I am glad that your workshop was useful and informative since, we know there are alot of workshops that are mentally straining and
    not worth our while. I hope the situation in your school with technology improves and that as teachers you recieve better technological equipment. In the end, technology will make your life and students lives a bit more fun and interative of used properly.

  2. I sure do hate when my computer will not do what it is supossed to do. I expect to turn on my computer and for it to do what I want it to do. Good job for not letting the computer keep you down. Going out is much better than crying :o)

  3. i feel you there! i have been in that spot so many times. it's almost monthly and most of the time it the print piece that really holds me back. with my new job of consulting i go all over the county. currently i work in 6 classes. each one with a different network, codes, and printing option. sometimes i think i need to go to paper pad, pencil and a binder of the most common pages i need.
    what a great opportunity for you to go to LIndamood workshop. years ago i worked closely with a speech therapist who was really used it a lot. it a great program and i saw some really great progress in the kidos!

  4. I have been wanting to take a Linda Mood Bell workshop. I will try finding them on the web.
    Do you recommend the workshop to special ed teachers?